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Tired of gas pumps? Fort Worth startup may bring the fuel to you very soon

A new Seattle startup wants to eliminate the gas station errand. boosterfuels11Founded less than a year ago, Booster Fuels is seeing early success with its service that lets car owners push a few buttons and have their gas tank filled up shortly thereafter.We first wrote about Booster Fuels earlier this year, noting its $3.1 million funding round from top venture capital firms, and now we know a bit more about this stealthy startup.Frank Mycroft, a former Planetary Resources executive and CEO of Booster Fuels, told GeekWire today that his new company has been operating on an invite-only basis in the Dallas Fort Worth region, as well as the Bay Area.“Customers absolutely love it and keep coming back,” he said.For the user, Booster Fuels is rather simple.After creating an account and entering relevant details like payment information, you park your car, push a button on the company’s app, and open your fuel door. From there, Booster Fuels comes to your car and fills up your tank with either regular or premium gas. Frank Mycroft. Frank Mycroft.“I have yet to meet someone that says, ‘I love going to the gas station,’” Mycroft said. “This industry hasn’t changed much in a long time. Our goal is to provide a more cost-effective and energy-effective way to get this chore done that doesn’t involve you having to go to the gas station yourself.”Booster Fuels does not require a monthly membership and notes on its app description page that “our quality fuel is always just the price of fuel.”As far as where the gas comes from and how much Booster Fuels marks up from what it pays,
 Mycroft wouldn’t provide further details on what he referred to as the company’s “secret sauce.”He did say, though, that the startup is targeting places where “people’s cars are clustered together for long periods of time” — like company parking lots, for example — and busy customers that value their time. 

Meet Booster Fuels: Stealthy startup refuels your car while you work, eliminates trips to gas station

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