Hiby Network

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Hiby network was found in 2015,with the need to Empower people on how to do home improvement by yourself,the thinking of kids and adults to know how to do home improvements . we can help you with many projects. How  we work we come to you we teach and show you how to from start to finnish, we are there,we will help you to get your dream designs.


Home improvement is generally making some changes to your home ,by simply making some Improvements on the looks of the home. It Can Be done by Home Owners Or Licences professional ,or  HIBY network,  These homeimprovement is very essential because the value of your Real estate, appreciates it even more if the property is properly maintained. It can be Regular renovations,and or remolding and home improvement ,or to even just a coat of paint on the wall, it will definitely make your present living conditions Pleasant. Many individuals do not notice that some parts of the house require some improvements. After a long time, regular maintenance will definitely minimize some serious structural damages to the property.. However, when a property losses a real estate value is typically caused by neglecting in the maintenance of that particular property. Therefore, after some time, regular improvements of the home is important for the value of property to continue appreciating.